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Consumer Engagement on Apple’s Product

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Apple Inc., in earlier times Apple Computer Inc., is an American international association with a focus on deceitful and generating consumer electronics and intimately associated software products. Founded in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976, Apple enlarges sells, and supports a sequence of PCs, mobile phones, moveable media players, computer hardware and computer software, and hardware accessories. From September 2007, the organization controls regarding 200 retail stores in five nations and an online store where software and hardware products are sold. The iTunes Store offers audio books, music, iPod games, episodes of television programs, music videos, and movies which may be downloaded utilizing iTunes on Windows or Mac (and in Linux beneath Wine), and as well on the iPod touch and the iPhone (William, 2008). The organization’s well-recognized hardware products comprise the Macintosh line of PCs, the iPod line of moveable media players, and the iPhone. Apple’s software products comprise the Mac OS X controlling technique, the iLife group of creativity and multimedia software, and Final Cut Studio, a group of specialized audio and film industry software products Andy, Beal, (2008).

1.2 Research Question
  • Reason for such engagement with apple’s product?
  • What is the most satisfying in Apple’s product?
  • What is consumers’ perception about Apple’s product?
  • What makes apple different from others’ product in the consumer market?
  • What apples do to create such perceptions?
1.3 Rationale of Research

Aim of this research is to observe consumer engagement with apple product.

1.4 Objectives

To identify the engagement with apple’s product

To recognise consumers’ perception about Apple’s product

1.5 Overview of Each Chapter

The structure of this dissertation is organized as follows:

1. Chapter 1 Introduction

This chapter provides a discussion of the background of the study. The research gaps are then identified and the research problem stated. The research aim, questions and the research objectives are then stated. After this, the structure of the research is presented. Introduction chapter of this paper will include the information and research on Apple’s achievements, product it offers and various necessary aspect which provide other some basic knowledge about why the firms’ product is being perceived high amongst the buyers. Furthermore in the next chapter literature review, we will be coving the research models, peered journals, book and other studies conducted to understand why Apple’s product provide such engagement to the customers.

2.Chapter 2 Literature Review

This chapter will discuss the history of research subject. This chapter will also discuss different features of consumer engagement with apple product.

3. Chapter 3 Research Methodology

This chapter will discuss the development of the hypotheses of this research study. The hypotheses will be then presented. Moreover, research design,research approach, data collection and data anaylsis will de defined in this chapter

4. Chapter 4 Results and Discussion

This chapter will discuss the result of methodology. After this is the presentation and discussion of the results of the research questions

5. Chapter 5 Conclusion

This chapter will discuss the conclusions and recommendations of this research study. The research contributions and research limitations of this study will also be discussed

1.6 Mythology

The myth behind the Apple succession product the Consumer engagement is based on the perception that Apple has position by innovating strategies in the market, today customer perceive that the product made by Apple is solely innovated after locating the need of each and the product possess such qualities that involvement and engagement with the product becomes must.

Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1 IMac

The iMac is a desktop Macintosh computer created and generated through Apple Inc. It has been a big section of Apple’s consumer desktop providing as its forward in 1998, and has developed all the way through three distinct shapes. In its unique shape, the G3, the iMac was egg-shaped by means of a CRT monitor, chiefly sheltered through coloured, transparent plastic (Dean, 2007).

2.2 Ipod

Ipod is a product of moveable media players created and marketed through Apple Inc. And launched on October 23, 2001. From 2008, the present product line-up comprises the solid drive-based iPod classic, the touch screen iPod touch, the video-able iPod nano and the screen fewer iPod scuffle (Dean, 2007).

2.3 I Phone

The iPhone is an Internet-enabled multimedia mobile phone considered and advertised through Apple Inc. It has a multi-touch screen along with near buttons and keyboard. The iPhone’s functions comprise those of a camera phone, moveable media player (iPod), additionally to text messaging, and ocular voicemail.

2.4 Perception

There are some individual components which are associated to the iPod. Firstly, the sensory receptors like dream, feel and hearing. The iPod examines straightforward yet classy, stylish and attractive. The wheel underneath the computer display for the controls is an innovative expertise and was not ever glimpsed before. The computer display dimensions was large sufficient for persons to glimpse the pieces of music register and other functions. The components utilised to construct the iPod are of high value and glossy to touch (William, 2008).

2.5 Learning and Memory

Positive Reinforcement performances significant functions as the buyer of iPod connect a community and have a sense of belonging to it. Also, he is advised to be juvenile, trendy, and stylish and appealing through the humanity which can assist increases his likeness and moral. Moreover, the buyer can hear to his very well liked melodies on development which is a bonus. Also, there is a pattern of observational discovering (vicarious learning) as numerous persons buy the iPod because they glimpse numerous well renowned celebrities, forms, actors, loved ones owning an iPod and distributing their playlists and pieces of music with each other. Also, numerous designers are conceiving luxury accessories for the iPod to personalize it. According to the Associative Network underneath, it can be glimpsed that the portable MP3 players have been affiliated with the iPod. That is why frequently, persons mention the merchandise class of MP3 players as iPods and address it as an issue of quotation for it Andy, Beal, (2008).

2.6 Motivation and Values

The aim for the motivation method is the requirement to hear to melodies while on the development, and furthermore, to be trendy, juvenile and belonging to the iPod community. Impel is the force conceived by the persons round the buyer which reveals the iPod to him. The desire is the last buy of the iPod when the buyer is persuaded as he has accomplished his goal. The motivational power can be assessed by the expectancy idea as the buyer anticipates the iPod to play his very well liked melodies (William, 2008). Ipod is solely associated to hedonic desires as iPod is a requirement for stimulation. In comprehensive, it furthermore exhibitions require for affiliation as the iPod proprietors can exchange melodies, playlists and even iPods with each other and pattern a society (Flandez, Raymund, 2008).

2.7 Personality and Lifestyles

The review undertook has assisted to realise the kind of character iPod retains in people’s mind. Ipod has a character concentrated on ease, strong sentiments, fantasy, and way of life, discovery, and passion. Unique recital registers and playlists along with the exclusive accessorizing iPods display individuality and requirement for belonging to the community of iPod could depict communal acceptance. Further investigation of the character characteristics assist to characterise Brand Asset Valuator Archetypes developed by Young and Rubicam. Ipod has two foremost archetypes that are Queen Being and Actress. Queen being has the characteristics of resting, comforting, and sociable which are alike to that of iPod that is it assists resting, comforting, and is very sociable apparatus (William, 2008). Actress has features of glamorous, spectacular, and engaged and likewise users of iPod are highly engaged with the merchandise, and address it a tendency setter (Eric, Butow, 2009).

2.8 Attitudes

According to Functional Theory of Attitudes, iPod is associated to Utilitarian Function as it engages Rewards and Punishments. The pays of owning an iPod are hearing to value melodies when and while, saving and owning gigantic melodies assemblage in an apparatus that can fit into one’s pouch, and to pertain to a society. Punishments for not owning one could be alienation, discomfort and perhaps buying a competitor brand. Since iPod is a merchandise of high engagement, benchmark discovering hierarchy is appropriate to it (Dean, 2007).

Chapter 3 Methodology 3.1 Introduction

This chapter seeks to explain the research philosophy and approach that have been adopted for the present dissertation and specify the rationale for these choices. It will first outline the research aims and objectives, what the study endeavours to achieve and then goes on to elaborate on how the researcher proposes to go about answering the research questions that will be outlined in the section. Further, it provides details of how the secondary and primary research will be conducted and the proposed methodology for the analysis of the information thus collected. To end with, it specifies the limitations of the present research study as well.

3.2 Research Design

Research design is the sketch of projected research progression comprises of a structure of records collection, classification, measurements, analysis and presentation for this type of study. It is mostly a period as well as a capital supportive technique of working out a research dilemma to ease the compilation diversity of statistics and to give details for the uneven associations by means of suitable methods.

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