7 Steps to Write Dazzlingly Brilliant Essays


For students, the essays are a chance to showcase their academic flair, validate the original and unique thinking and impress their teachers with advanced written researching and writing skills.

Essays are the very first assignment that every student must have to write in their academic life. Essay allows students to demonstrate their intelligence, understanding and knowledge in a relatively unrestricted and creative way – provided you keep the word count in your mind. But when you and your class fellows are answering the same question then how can you make your essay stand out from the pool of other essays? In this article we share 7 tips to write dazzlingly brilliant essays and that too in less time:


  1. Answer the essay question:

This is the most important suggestions for many students. Students usually without understanding the essay question, answer it in the wrong way. Unfortunately, it can be a main reason for low grades on an exam. Make sure before start writing you must carefully understand what the professor is actually asking; it is highly recommended to refer back to the essay question all through the answer.


  1. Good essay introduction:

The introduction is the main part of any essay. Share short, concise summary of the main points of an essay to be raised. Introductions always go wrong when students write too much detail in it and then repeat it in the form of arguments in the essay body. A good essay is one that starts off with short sentences instead of complex sentences.


  1. Essay plan:

A plan is a big help to gather your ideas and thoughts, and ensure you don’t forget to mention key arguments. This is the brainstorm part; share the points that you know about the topic. However, it is recommended to don’t go into too much detail – writing phrases and keywords are the best idea.


  1. List your arguments in 3 steps:
    • Share the basic argument and statement; this part is used to test your knowledge.
    • Explain your statement in the second step. Remember this statement must be explained in relation to the essay question.
    • Last is to look at the arguments with critical distance. Here you have the opportunity to discuss the reasons why the basic premise may be limited or wrong. It is an opportunity to show what you think about the topic. The final step is known as evaluation or analysis, that is no doubt the most difficult part, but is must if you want to get good grades.



  1. Conclusion:

Read your essay again, weigh up different arguments and decide which are the most relevant and strongest. Don’t add anything new at this stage instead present the strongest arguments in an essay in a new way.


  1. How much to write?

Before start writing it is always suggested to check out how much word count, your professor asks you to compose in an instruction manual as given by them, and then carve up this word count into three main parts that are the introduction, the body paragraph and the supposition. The introduction and the conclusion must not be more than 4-5 sentences. Although, it is true that quality is more essential than quantity. So, it is always recommended to never compromise on quality for quantity.

  1. Did you answer the question completely?

Go through the essay again; read it carefully and check out did you answer the essay question completely or not. This will also help you make any changes and correct errors that you might make while writing.

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