How to Write Five-Paragraph Essay?


If you find trouble in understanding five-paragraph essays, you can now learn to write it easily by following instructions for each separate paragraph.

There are different formats for writing essays but Five-Paragraph Essay Format is considered to be a classic form of composition and this is especially great when you have just started improving your composition capabilities and skills. If you read this article to the end, you will be able to compose an essay in this format very easily as all the five paras have been discussed below in detail with step by step instructions.

Introductory Paragraph

There are variety of ways of writing an introduction but what’s more important to note here is that this paragraph has significant value because this is where you engage your readers and encourage them to read rest of the content. In this part of your essay, you need to add thesis statement which is a type of diminutive outline for paper that lets the readers know what is going to be discussed in the main body. Introductory paragraph last sentence has a transitional link that drives readers to the next paragraph.

1- Body (Initial)

The initial part of the body must have your strongest argument along with most important examples and illustrations. In the first line, you better have a reverse a link which should be tied with transitional link of the intro para. Describe your main topic in 1st or 2nd line of this paragraph and when you are writing last line, make sure to put a transitional link one more time so the reader may find interest in reading the next coming para.

2- Body (Middle)

As you have given your most important arguments, examples and illustrations in second para, here you will include second best part of your research material. This part of the body is also very important and you will do the same you did in first para such as creating transitional link to the previous para, mentioning of main thesis topic and linking on a last sentence with the next coming para.

3- Body (Last)

This is the last part of the body and in this you include your weakest arguments, illustrations and examples and of course this paragraph will lead the reader to the closing paragraph of your essay. As you do in the above paragraphs, also make sure to include reverse link to the above in the same way. This paragraph topic be in 1st or the 2nd sentence and must be related to main thesis statement. When you are writing last sentence, give an obvious signal to the reader and show this as final major argument to discus.

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion

As this is the Concluding paragraph, you need to be very skillful while finishing it. Include a reference here that you used early in introductory para and also restate main thesis statement but make sure it is not duplicate content. Pick up at least 3 main arguments from all the above three parts of body to be included here and at the end say something to end the discussion or to give “Call to An Action”. In this part you will conclude whatever you have discussed above.

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