Key Points to Consider When Writing an Argument Essay



Argument essay is one of the most common types of academic writing that discusses a significant claim with the help of argument, evidence and merits in its support. This genre can be much more complex than the other pieces of writings and therefore, when you are writing it, you have to take care of variety of things which help you bring authority in your argument. Before you start working on your project, you better ask yourself following questions:


  • What are your claims?
  • Do you really think your claims are contestable?
  • Are they really significant enough to be discussed?
  • Are you capable of giving any strong evidence in support of your claim?
  • Is the evidence that you intend to present based on mere beliefs?
  • Do you have any empirical evidence?
  • How would you satisfy those who don’t care about your arguments and claims?


Knowing the answers of the above question will enable you to define what, when, where, why and how and when you are ready, you need to move forward and take next steps in your writing.



Introductory Paragraph

Introductory paragraph of your essay is really important because you can use it to convey your claim and convince your readers why they should not ignore your claims. This part of your essay can also be used to give background information and to define your major organizational plans.


Organize Paper

There are variety of ways to arrange and organize papers and you need to choose the one that is most effective of all. However, experts believe that the more effective way is to organize by topic than by chronology.


Topic Sentences

The topic sentences can be used as useful suggestion or signpost for the readers which will not just provide readers additional and important information but will also be very helpful in making overall structural of your essay. The readers will find variety of turns and twists in your argument essay which will convince them to continue reading to the end.


Reader- Friendly

When you provide signposts in your essay judiciously, this will enable you to make your paper much more friendly than the usual and the readers will not have to get confused due to the use of difficult terms that they can’t understand. When you add a new paragraph, make user to implement reader-friendly approach by giving evidence as well as warrant in support of your claim.


Dialogue with readers

When you are writing an argument essay, you need to take it as a strong dialogue between writer and the reader. This approach will allow you to find stronger arguments, evidence and warrants in support of your claim.


Make a Difference

When you take ideas from published or even unpublished work of your professors, peers or other thinkers, you must make sure to draw a clear line between your voice and theirs. You must summarize, paraphrase and quote perfectly and accurately.


Define Key Terms

Define incorporated key terms and even if you have to include proper definitions, do it as this will allow you make your paper friendlier which will definitely be resulted into an increased number of readers.


Unanswered Questions

There are things which you can’t describe in the beginning of your essay but at the end, you can describe them, however, it should be something which can create unanswered questions to arise curiosity in your readers’ minds.


Final Draft

When you have a final draft, check this out thoroughly and the best way to do this is to read out loudly as this will make things absolutely clear in your mind.

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